About Us

Skillvance Associates Pty Ltd has been operating successfully for over 30 years assisting many large and small organisations to work cooperatively and safely.

We assist private enterprises, large and small, and also local government to improve work practices and safety in building, manufacturing and service industries, developing safety and consultative structures as well as assisting in implementation. The satisfaction of our clients is reflected in the continual provision of various services and referral to other organisations.

All of our associates are extremely knowledgeable and experienced and approved by the appropriate authorities working in complementary and specialist areas. Our very encouraging and confident team and associates, provide a variety of training services ( See attached list).

With the 2011 Work Health & Safety (WHS) legislation taking full effect, we are currently assisting many companies and organisations understand the changes applicable to their work practices and places.

The new WorkCover Health and Safety Representatives Course, supersedes the old Course in OHS Consultation.

Our purpose at all times is to fulfill the specific requirements of every client and we are dedicated to the continuous improvement of both the individual and the company they serve.

Contact us info@skillvance.com.au or phone 0418 209 390